Grapes are good for you.

Issuing time:2019-03-29 00:00

Glucose is rich in glucose and vitamins, which can protect liver, relieve ascites and lower limb edema. It can also increase plasma albumin concentration and reduce transaminase content. Recently, the French magazine Prescription has taken stock of some of the health benefits of grapes.

1. Kill cancer cells. Frontier research at Pennsylvania State University found that compounds in grapes killed colon cancer stem cells in Petri dishes and mice; another study found that mice fed grapes had a 50% reduction in cancer incidence.

2. Inhibiting respiratory inflammation. Research from Georgia State University shows that resveratrol in grapes can be used as an antioxidant to fight inflammation caused by respiratory pathogens.

3. Help lose weight. Frontier research at the University of Florida in the United States has confirmed that grape seed oil can slow down the formation of human adipocytes, effectively reduce weight and avoid obesity.

4. Reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. Research from the University of Adelaide in Australia shows that grape seeds can significantly reduce small intestinal inflammation and tissue damage caused by chemotherapy.

5. Good eyesight. A joint study by Jinan University of China and the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that Oligoproanthocyanidins in grape seeds can protect eye vision by inhibiting apoptosis.

6. sun protection. Researchers from the University of Barcelona and the Spanish National Research Council say that flavonoids in grapes can prevent the production of enzymes that damage the skin, protect skin cells from damage and even prevent skin cancer.

7. Help memory. A leading American study has shown that eating grapes can help slow or even prevent memory loss. Researchers at the University of Cincinnati in the United States observed 12 volunteers aged 75 to 80 who had early symptoms of memory loss. They found that the memory level of volunteers who drank grape juice was on the rise. Grape juice is four times as rich in antioxidants as orange juice, which helps maintain vascular elasticity and reduce blood pressure.

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