Fruit industry tycoons share the "Sixteen-Character Rules"

Issuing time:2019-03-29 00:00

Fruit is a fresh commodity, and the rest are fresh ingredients.

So today, I would like to share my knowledge of the fruit industry with you. So my important understanding is that "fruit is a wonderful flower in the fresh category". You guys, just seeing the word "Zhengdao", I think of two sentences. The first one is "Zhengdao vicissitudes". People say that the right way on earth is vicissitudes of life and vicissitudes of life. Second, the avenue is very simple. There is not much depth. In my previous view, fruits are fresh commodities, and the rest are fresh ingredients. Because in all kinds of fresh fruit, it can be eaten directly, directly into the mouth. Other fish, meat, vegetables, eggs, it is a fresh food, it has to be processed, its quality, in addition to its own, but also by your chef's cooking, other condiments. This difference is the fruit in the fresh category of the larger difference. As fruit is a fresh commodity, other fresh food materials, so we look at a lot of fresh, in the fresh category, only fruit is a world-renowned brand, or even a century-old brand. Among fresh products, fruit is the only exception. Why is that so? Zespri, for example, has been a world famous brand for more than 100 years, including our orange. Why is it able to become the first brand in fresh orange? Because we operate a fresh commodity, which is the basis of the brand. So we all want to establish a brand in the world, only fruit is likely to take the lead in breaking through, its foundation is because it is a fresh commodity.

Such a feature makes it possible for fruit to become the credit card of the brand in the fresh category. Fresh, it is very difficult to establish a brand, but fruit can establish a brand. Therefore, if the fruit is well managed, it can become a fresh category of letters of credit, which is very important to recognize. So I think that the future leader of fresh products must be born in the field of fruit. If your fruit is not well managed, you say that it is almost difficult to make fresh fruit a brand. This is my basic view.

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